Transform your Driving. Transform Your World

The Duo all-electric vehicle is designed to be a primary commuter/around-town vehicle that will enable its owners to rediscover the fun of driving while also reducing their transportation expenses, increasing their oil independence and doing their part in a very visible way to set the example on how to live with less adverse impact on our environment.

So many people have asked for a two passenger electric vehicle option in addition to our one passenger, 80+ mph, 60+ mile range, all-electric vehicle that we designed the Duo. When the reviews and interest (pre-orders) and funding demonstrated that there was a market for this eye-catching design, we got the vehicle engineered, put in our own electric drive expertise and now, we are in the process of building out the Duo for 10 patient people who are interested in buying a pre-production Duo and help us help you help transform our world.

The process started with developing the NmG to the place where it operated reliably both mechanically and electrically. We then worked on developing a lithium battery system that should allow the vehicle to operate somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 miles. Then, we worked with an outside firms and consultants to engineer this two passenger Duo and now, we have a full-scale foam mock-up of our vehicle from which to begin the building process.

We expect to have our first Duo ready in March and begin delivery of our pre-production vehicles in April. Of 2011.

This has been a long journey to get to this point ... and there is, obviously, a lot of work yet to be done.

Dana Myers

PS. My daughter came up with the title of this blog ... and I loved it, but I do need to mention that, as you can see, our vehicle is a three-wheel vehicle with a tear drop shape that is great for aerodynamics but, because it is a three-wheel vehicle, it is classified as a motorcycle: it is not a car (as the blog title might suggest)